New Space Elevator Videos…

At last year’s Space Elevator Games, the Chicago video production company Bitter Jester Creative, Inc. was invited to film the games from a human interest viewpoint.  The first fruits of this effort from the team of four that were at the games are now online.

Nic DeGrazia, one of the Bitter Jester Creative team members said this in an email he sent to me:

The second and third clips in that screening room are two scenes from the feature.  One is an introduction of some of the characters in the movie, the other is sort of a sample dramatic scene from one of the Space Pirates failed attempts to claim first place.… please know that this is a work in progress and as is, it’s a bit out of context.  This is just to give an example of the production value, content, etc.  The full feature would obviously have much more setup and explanation.”

If you visit this link at their website, you can see these two clips.

These are really well done, especially (IMHO) the first one.


(The picture thumbnail is from the first clip – interviewing Bryan Laubscher – one of several people interviewed during the clip.  Click on it for a larger version, or, better yet, watch the videos)