More news from the Kansas City Space Pirates…

I received the following very exciting email from Brian Turner, Captain and Fearless Leader of the Kansas City Space Pirates:

Big news. We have landed National Instruments as a sponsor. For those of you who don’t know them, they make the coolest automation software out there (LabView) and all the hardware to go with it. Having high quality software and hardware will make this task far easier than it would have been otherwise and National Instruments is second to none.

Drum roll please ….

I am going to be interviewed about the Space Elevator on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Date Friday May 2nd

Time: Very late. After the Tonight Show – Around 11:30 in Kansas City

I have read repots estimating 2 million viewers. Needless to say I am excited and nervous. I am not sure how much the space elevator has been discussed on national network TV but this is clearly a big opportunity. Hope I don’t blow it.

Brian Turner
KC Space Pirates

I’m sure you won’t blow it Brian, and this is tremendous news, both for you and your team and for the Space Elevator concept in general.

I’m putting out a call to everyone to please record this show.  I have a TIVO, but it’s over 5 years old and is starting to act up – I’m not 100% sure of it anymore.

Conan O’Brien – way cool…

(Picture of Conan from here.  My favorite Conan O’Brien website here.)

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  2. Jeremy M. Dinovo

    Brian this is great news. I will send a newsletter to my contacts about this to make sure they tune in. As you already know (as mentioned earlier in this blog), with Team Astroaraneae, my partner Kane J. Wilke and I are raising the roof on this project with our film The Mighty Tether. I recently did an interview on Access Sacramento’s LiveWire (my first live TV interview). I believe that the Space Elevator is a topic that the world will attach to, and I think KC Space Pirates will do great with it. Have a safe trip and a pleasant stay to the studio!

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