How do you say “Space Elevator” in different languages?

A recent post I put up had as it’s title “Weltraumaufzug” – the German translation of “Space Elevator”.  I recently discovered a website that had the Croation translation: “Nebesko Dizalo“.

It occurs to me that a worthwhile exercise would be to translate “Space Elevator” (or perhaps “Elevator to Space”?) into as many different languages as possible.  I think that doing so might help us to internationalize the concept and broaden it’s appeal.

To that end, I am making a request of all of my readers:  If you know how (or can find out how) to say/write “Space Elevator” in a language other than English (or German or Croation), can you please email it to me at:

(Ted [AT]

When I get a respectable number of these (at least 30 to start, I would think) I’ll put up a web page with them and link to it in my sidebar.

Please, only send me something that you’re fairly sure of – I don’t want the page to become a subject of ridicule.  We all know and love Babelfish to be able to give us a quick and dirty translation of something, but it’s not anything that we would use for serious work.

Thanks everyone!

(Beautiful picture of the earth from here – click on it for a larger version)

(Update: I decided to not wait until I have 30 translations before I put them up on the blog – by the time I have that many, it will be a big project and I’ll find an excuse to put it off. 🙂  Also, rather than make it an entry on the sidebar (which is getting pretty crowded), I added it as a page to the top of the blog – you can now click on “Translation Project” and see where we stand with this.)

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