More translation updates

I’ve added three more translations on my Translation Project page; Estonian, Esperanto and Pig Latin 🙂

The Estonian translation (and it’s English pronunciation) was kindly sent to me by Marko Mänd – thanks Marko!

The Esperanto and Pig Latin translations came from some translator programs on the web…

Tom Nugent, of LaserMotive fame, suggested that I get a Klingon translation – what a great idea!  I visited all of the web-based Klingon translators I could find and they either a) did not work or b) did not provide me a translation.  So, all of you Trekkies out there, if you can provide me with a Klingon (or Vulcan or Romulan) translation of “Space Elevator”, that would be uber-cool…

Incidentally, I’ve added a new “Post Category”, that of “Translation Project”.  This way readers can see the evolution of this project over time.

Two other notes:

First, AA (who sent me the Greek translation and also the incredibly detailed English pronunciation guide), also pointed me towards a Greek-language article on the Space Elevator.  You can find it here.

Second, one of the presenters at the conference, Dr. Karen Ghazaryan, was Armenian.  He gave a talk (“Stability of Superconducting Cable Used for Transportation of Electrical Current from Space“).  While perfectly understandable, it was obvious that English was not his first language.  At the end of his talk, someone from the audience asked him a question.  This person, I believe, was Russian.  They quickly switched into Russian for their dialogue while the rest of us looked on.  However, I was able to understand one phrase he used, “Cosmeecheski Leeft”, as that is Russian for “Space Elevator”.  So this project has already produced a tangible benefit for me 🙂

22JUL08 – Correction:  Tom Nugent of LaserMotive suggested Latin while I thought of Pig Latin.  And it was Martin Lades, one of the Conference organizers, who thought of the Klingon idea…

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  1. Tom Nugent

    Actually, Ted, I was the one who suggested Latin. You then had the idea of doing Pig Latin. Someone from the audience had suggested Klingon, I believe.

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