The Space Show interview with Dr. Edwards is now online

Yesterday, Dr. David Livingston of The Space Show interviewed Dr. Bradley Edwards and Ms. Carla Sabotta.

From the web summary:

“Dr. Brad Edwards and Carla Sabotta were the guests for this Space Show program focusing on the space elevator. Please be advised that due to extremely wet weather in the Seattle area and the Bay Area, plus the use of cell phones, there is unavoidable phone line noise on this program. We started the program with Dr. Edwards providing us with an update on the climber games that were held in Salt Lake City. Brad explained the various teams, the technology being used, what happened to the contestants, and more. One contestant actually used carbon nanotubes for their climber but as you will hear, they did not do well. Our conversation then took us to the Luxembourg Workshop. As you hear Dr. Edwards update us on this event, you will get a sense of the draw for space elevator on an international level. Later in the program in response to a question about the work other countries are doing on the space elevator, you will hear about Japan and their interest in the elevator. Listeners asked Dr. Edwards and Carla about a central place for “official”-like news about the space elevator as well as reliable PR to keep interested people informed and to reach the general public. Carla spoke about this as did Brad. It is being considered by those involved with developing the space elevator. In the meantime, the website suggested for reliable information was…”

As expected, this interview was quite interesting.  You can listen to it here.