I subscribe to Marc Boucher’s daily emails from his SpaceRef.com site.  They are very interesting and I almost always find something in every email which fascinates me.

In his Friday, June 8th edition, there was a link to a NASA site showing some micrometeorite damage suffered by the ISS.  I’ve posted a thumbnail here and you can click on it to view a larger version (warning; it’s a 1.6MB file).  The NASA URL also has links to that image and a lower resolution one.  They don’t post a “credit” for the photo, but the story leads me to believe it’s one of the Russian astronauts currently up there.

Anyway, I’ve posted this here as this hazard, along with others, will be something that a Space Elevator ribbon and Climber will have to deal with.  The picture shows a hole poked in an insulation blanket – I’d have liked to find out what kind of damage, if any, was suffered by the module itself.

And, if you don’t already subscribe to these emails, I’d highly recommend you do so.  Just visit SpaceRef.com and sign up.

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  3. david Bradbury

    Very interesting. and I have been recovering the same for a few weeks now. most suprized to find them everywhere, further to this I have developed a method to recover Micro-M’s and I am getting a good recovery rate but only in the microgramm range from Kg of soil. I do have the piks if anyone wishes to see them. I do have another method of catching them with a sticky table assembly, it works ok but the small surface area dont collect many, for this reason I go for roof gutter and soil. If you wish to contact myself I will send my method, allthough it is very lengthy but fun. I do like your website.many thanks.
    David Bradbury.UK.

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