KC Space Pirates Saturday demo is off…

From Brian Turner, fearless leader of the KC Space Pirates;

Well during the demo Friday we shelled the tranny, broke the anti-rotation rod and de-laminated some of the mirrors. The climber is in for several hours of repair. And we also burned up most of our personal energy setting up the whole thing. So rather than have everyone come to a static display of a wounded climber we decided to cancel.

The good new is that the weather was beautiful. The audience was patient and the New York times got some good shots. The artical is slated for the July 1st Sunday edition of the New York Times. The paper should be available in local book stores. The magazine is an insert in the regular Sunday paper. The article is about the NASA centennial challenges and we were the team picked for coverage of the Beamed Power Competition. They also will be covering the space suit glove competition and the Moon dirt digging challenges.

More good news, We have been asked to be on the Walt Bodine Show on Monday Morning. 89.3 FM 10 to 11 AM http://www.kcur.org/waltbodine.html

Talk to you more later.

Kansas City Space Pirates

Wow, it sounds like the Romans gave Archimedes all he could handle…