SESI2007 Program Highlights and Schedule released

The website for the upcoming Space Exploration 2007 conference has been updated with a new document; “Program Highlights and Schedule”.  You can find it on their website (under the Current Conference tab) or you can find it here.

This conference will have presentations from both the “Space Elevator” and the “Science, Engineering and Habitation in Space” communities  It’s a single-track conference; i.e., it will be possible to hear all the presentations.

The Program is exciting; addresses from such Space Elevator stalwarts as Dr. Brad Edwards, Dr. Bryan Laubscher, and Ben Shelef are scheduled.  In addition, other Space-Elevator-themed presentations will occur.

I plan on being there as both presenter and blogger (hopefully live-blogger).

Dr. David Livingston from The Space Show will also be there; I’m very much looking forward to meeting him.  Dr. Livingston interviews luminaries from across the “Space” spectrum.  He has interviewed Dr. Brad Edwards and Liftport’s Michael Laine and has recently interviewed Dr. Bryan Laubscher, one of the organizers of this conference.  And, don’t forget, he will be interviewing Ken Davidian (NASA’s man behind the Space Elevator Games) this coming Sunday.

Make your reservations soon.  If you want to know what the current state of affairs in the “Space Elevator world” are and you want to discuss them with those in the know, this is the place to be.

It’s going to be an exciting 3&1/2 days…