Dr. Bryan Laubscher to appear on the Space Show

Dr. Bryan Laubscher is scheduled to appear on Dr. David Livingston’s “The Space show” tomorrow, Tuesday, January 23rd, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, Pacific time.

According to the email I received from The Space Show’s email list, “Dr. Bryan Laubscher is our guest. We will be discussing the space elevator, the coming SEC 2007 along with the space elevator conference.”

You can hear the show live by going to The Space Show website.  If you miss the show, it will also be available by podcast afterwards (I’ll post a link to it when its up).

This should be a great interview and I encourage everyone to tune in.  Dr. Livingston also takes phone and email questions during the show, so if you have a question for him, this is a great time to ask.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Bryan Laubscher to appear on the Space Show

  1. Brian

    Hee – I’ve been working at the day job on implementing a new BOM system since 04:00 Monday. I might be awake in time to catch the show live.

    Once we finish putting this thin on it’s feet of course. Nothing like being 18 hours (more) late to feel the weight of mgt.’s frown.

  2. Ted Semon Post author

    I remember days EXACTLY like that – working all night on getting some new system installed. But I’m too old for that nonsense now…

    Better you than me 🙂

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