Arthur C. Clarke on the Space Elevator (and Star Trek and other things)

My all time favorite Sci-fi author is Sir Arthur C. Clarke.  I do believe I’ve read every story he has written and am eagerly awaiting the completion and release of his “last novel” (The Last Theorem).  His Fountains of Paradise was what introduced me (and countless others) to the concept of a Space Elevator.

A couple of weeks ago, he wrote a tribute to Star Trek and, as part of that, a general greeting to all of his fans.  You can find both of them here, at the American Antigravity blog.  It has a great opening line;

“Friends, Earthlings, ETs – lend me your sensory organs!”

Sir Arthur Clarke discusses the Space Elevator and the Space Elevator Games at the XPrize Cup.  We also learn that as the inventor of the satellite telecommunication industry, he received the “astronomical sum of 15 pounds sterling” for his efforts.  He needed a better attorney…

A fine read from a real visionary.  Sir Arthur Clarke turns 90 this year, on December 16th.  We should be marking this event with nearly the same enthusiasm as Yuri’s night is…

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(07OCT07 – Update – I stand corrected.  Sir Clarke’s birthday is on December 16th, not the 17th as I had originally posted.  I apologize for the error)