Space Elevator Games – Late Payment information

I just received this from Ben Shelef regarding payment information for competing in this year’s Space Elevator Games;

Hello Folks

As the Early Bird registration deadline period nears, some of you have run into last minute delays cutting checks at institutions, processing corporate credit cards, etc.

If you have a per-transaction limit on your CC, you’ll see two new buttons on the web site – $2000 and $500. You can use one of each, or 5×500, and you should be ok.

We will send receipts on checks after tomorrow.

You know your payment has been processed when the “[preliminary]” or “[pending]” label is removed from your team name on the team list.

Under special circumstances, we will allow late payment, as long as:

– The signed team agreement has been faxed in (650-887-2332) by midnight PST today.
– You have asked for and we have given you explicit permission to pay late.

In such a case, we will charge a $100 late fee.

Payments received through Google by 2/1, or received by mail with a postmark of 2/1 or earlier will not incur the fee.


Ben Shelef
The Spaceward Foundation
ben [AT]