Russia will develop space elevators

This Novisti (Russian News & Information Agency) article describes a rather unique take on a Space Elevator.

An excerpt: “Scientists from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a unique space elevator for lunar and Martian missions. Although a bit slower, the new system will cut back on interplanetary delivery expenses.¬† A space elevator consists of satellites, spacecraft and payloads linked by long, thin, flexible elements. The simplest system links two spacecraft by means of a cable with a length of several dozen or even several hundred kilometers. This tandem, which resembles a space sling, revolves around its center of gravity, which in turn has a predetermined orbit. Either of the two spacecraft can therefore launch a payload along any required trajectory without any rocket engines.”

2 thoughts on “Russia will develop space elevators

  1. andy cochrane

    fascinating idea! the question I have is how do the payloads reach the slingshot? is this a one-time use idea? do the two spacecraft launch as one and separate in space and begin the sling movement, or do they link up in orbit?

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