Elevators, Chimps and Love?

I found this podcast (posted just a few days ago) from The Mr. Science Show.¬† The author, Marc West,¬†discusses the concept of the Space Elevator.¬† He’s a bit behind (HighLift systems is now LiftPort, Brad Edwards doesn’t work there anymore, there have been multiple Space Elevator conferences, etc.) but the Aussie accent almost makes up for it…

2 thoughts on “Elevators, Chimps and Love?

  1. Marc West

    Hey there,

    glad you found the podcast – I must get myself more up-to-date by the looks of it! I sourced that story from an old news article that I’d had sitting in my bookmarks for a while, and it looks like this field is changing very quickly!

    Thanks for liking the aussie accent!


  2. Brian

    He beat me to posting – not hard to do the dayjob has been keeping me busy the last month or so.

    But I wanted to listen to the podcast before commenting!

    Marc, feel free to email us at info at liftport.com if you’d like any detail on what we’re up to.

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