Announcing JSETEC2011

The Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA) has announced the JSETEC2011 competition, to be held August 4th through the 8th.

Details can be found on the announcement webpage.  If, you’re like me and cannot read Japanese, open the page in Google Chrome and translate it to your language of choice.

This is the third JSETEC (Japan Space Elevator Technical & Engineering Competition) event and I’m sure it will be the best, most ambitious one yet.  Among other changes, they are increasing the height of the climb from 300m to 600m!

In February, I had blogged about this competition, and included some videos that Mr. Shuichi Ohno, president of JSEA had sent me.

Congratulations JSEA – we look forward to an exciting event!

(Hat tip to reader Darren Coste for alerting me to this – thanks Darren!)