Gearing up for JSETEC 2011

Shuichi Ohno, the president of the Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA) sent me an email with some links to videos put on YouTube.  These videos show some of the preparation work underway for the third annual Japan Space Elevator Technical & Engineering Competition (JSETEC) to be held in August of this year.

These three videos (shot in HD, no less) show three different Climbers ascending / descending a 28m long tether.  All of these Climbers are battery powered, so a comparison to the beam-powered Climbers used in the Space Elevator Games is not really valid, but the ‘middle Climber’ zips up to the top with a speed of nearly 5m/second – very impressive.




I blogged about their 2010 competition here and their 2009 competition here.  I’m sure their 2011 competition is going to be the best one yet.

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