Michael Laine attends “Space Camp for Big Kids”

“LiftPort”, “Michael Laine” and the “Space Elevator” are words and phrases that are often used together.  As the driving force behind LiftPort, Michael poured his heart and soul (not to mention his wallet) into that company’s effort to build a Space Elevator.  Though it did not succeed, no one who is aware of what went on at LiftPort can question his committment or dedication to the cause…

After LiftPort, Michael traveled to Europe and spent many months there, exploring business opportunities and seeing the sights (and posting a ton of photos on Flickr).  He’s back in the US now and, among other projects he’s working on, he has a 15-part series he is writing for the Discovery Channel.

Part 1 is posted now and it’s a fascinating look into what happens at the International Space University (ISU).  I must confess that attending these sessions is on my ‘bucket list’ and I hope I get a chance to do that in the not too distant future.

And knowing Michael, I’m sure we’re going to be hearing much more from him and about him in the near future…

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