Spaceward supports Japan’s Space Elevator Conference

If you wander over to the Spaceward website, you’ll see that its proud owner, Ben Shelef, has been very, very busy…

Spaceward, for those of you who don’t know, is the organization which partners with NASA to host the Space Elevator Games.  While NASA provides the $4 Million in prize money, Spaceward is the organization that has to do all the work.  They have to find a venue (different and more difficult each year because of the increasingly complexity of the competition), recruit and support the teams, write the rules, actually put on the event, judge the results, publicize what they’re doing, etc., etc., etc….  The amount of publicity this event garners though is huge and worldwide and there can be little doubt that the Spaceward Space Elevator Games are one of the premier events in the Space Elevator world.

Anyway, back to their website.  To help support Japan’s first Space Elevator conference, Spaceward has had much of its web content translated into Japanese, this to help the Japanese public in their understanding of this revolutionary technology.  If you visit their website, note the tiny American and Japanese flags at the top-left and the arrow in between.  Pointing to that graphic and then clicking on the flag that pops up will send you to the ‘other language’ website.  Ben hasn’t had everything translated into Japanese yet, but much of it is.  This should help ‘spread the word’ in the land of the rising sun…

A visit to this website is highly recommended, for both English and Japanese speakers.  It is one of the very places on the web where you can trust what you read about the Space Elevator.

 Next week, I’ll highlight some of the other updates Ben has made to the Spaceward website.

(Click on the concept picture of the Space Elevator for a larger version or, better yet, visit the Spaceward website to see all of its content)

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