When is a Space Elevator not a Space Elevator?

When it’s at Burning Man.  At this year’s just concluded festival (and I guess at earlier ones, too), they had a “Space Elevator” booth described thusly;

“Space Elevator, elevating from the trance communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, featuring psytrance, progressive trance, funky-electro beats and chill-out music on a 20,000 watt sound system, with local and international DJs from all over the world bringing their best music to you on the playa.”

There are several videos on YouTube about this event; a couple are included below:



If you do a Search on “Space Elevator” at YouTube and sort by date, all the videos (there are 5-6) will show up at the front.

Here’s a post by an organizer looking for DJ’s for this event.  I’m truly glad my 16 year old son didn’t know about this; he’s a part time DJ and this is EXACTLY the type of music he likes.  I’d have never heard the end of it…

This last video, while not at the Space Elevator camp, is my favorite.  Give it a few seconds and, I think you’ll be hooked…



(Picture of Burning man from here)