Doctor Who visits The Great Space Elevator

Oh joy of joys!  Oh frabjous day!  There is now a new audio Doctor Who episode centered around the Space Elevator!!

Yes, Doctor Who fans, ’tis true, the Good Doctor, Jamie and Victoria Waterfield visit the Artsutanov Space Elevator, anchored in Sumatra on the earth end and the “Sky Satellite” in geosynchronous orbit at the space end.  This Space Elevator is electrically conductive, batteries are used on emergency climbers (which get to the top in no time) and has all sorts of other heresies, but who cares?  It’s Doctor Who!  This episode, like all Doctor Who episodes, has villains, narrow escapes, stupid moves by the protagonists (which never get them in unrecoverable trouble) and much derring-do.  It’s 70 minutes of great fun, outrageous plot twists, sexual innuendos (complete with a “scantily clad, female security guard”), glorious non-sequiturs and, the dialogue – oh, the dialogue!

“I come from the Space between the worlds”

“You will be converted – you will become part of us!”

“Now, let’s not be hasty…”

“The creature has consumed the Doctor!”

“They have to be completely insulated!”

“We’ll be returning earth to clear, sunny skies.”

And, best of all…

“Thank God for the thick, white foam!”

Glorious, truly, truly, glorious…  Earth is saved with Faraday cages, thick white foam and Fleming’s left-hand rule…

Highly, highly recommended and well worth the $7.99 download price.  Truly, this is a treat.  You can order it here, but note that you must register with the distributor (Big Finish) before you can order the download.  The download comes as a 96MB zip file, containing 21 tracks/chapters (.mp3 files) and the artwork shown above (click on it for a slightly larger version).

Click below to listen to the trailer – make sure your sound is turned up!


Big hat tips to elyssadc’s journal and the Tardis Newsroom

One suggestion; import the 21 tracks/chapters into a playlist and listen to it as a whole – it’s a lot better than clicking on and listening to each track separately.