The JPL Space Foundation

One of the attendees at the recent Space Elevator Conference was John Lee.  I met John briefly, but was not able to spend more time with him and learn what he is up to.

A recent article in the Estes Park Trail Gazette gives a very thorough explanation of John and the organization he’s started, the JPL Space Foundation (JPL here stands for “John P Lee”, not the “Jet Propulsion Labs” that most of us think of when we see these three letters) and what they are doing.  From the article;

“In its Web site, the JPL Space Foundation urges people to ‘Help save the Earth, move to outer space!’

The foundation is ‘supporting affordable, reliable and safe access to space for all. Dreaming of space travel? Not rich but want to go into orbit? Enter our contest — each $20-plus donation earns you one chance to win a trip to orbit.’

In a more serious vein, the foundation exists to: raise money, promote space research, finance space missions, support space exploration and colonization and encourage educational programs related to space exploration and astronomy.”

John’s website also has a Good Search option you can use or download to your own website.  45% of the Money raised from this “…shall be placed in an interest bearing account to be used for research grants to develop the Space Elevator or any other technology that will offer an affordable access to space; plus any other activities that support the foundation’s Mission.”

Check out the website.  Thanks John!

One thought on “The JPL Space Foundation

  1. Gfellow

    Happy Holidays everyone, and may the new year be a fortuitous one for development on the Space Elevator.

    I thought this time of the season would be an appropriate time to offer my “Space Elevator Hymn”, based on the sublime work, Jacobs Ladder:
    I give anyone who is a booster for the Space Elevator full rights to replicate songfile and lyrics.

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