The Mighty Tether

Last month, I put up a post about a speaking engagement with Michael Remington (of Team Astroaraneae) and a new documentary film (submitted to the Seattle Film Festival) which is described by its producers as:

“It distills, and elicits the very essence of technological innovation as seen through the eyes of those toiling at the Space Elevator.”

Today I receved an email from one of the Producers, Kane Wilke, informing me that:

“The Producers of the Mighty Tether (Jeremy Dinovo, Kane Wilke) would like to annouce we have a website and a trailer of the movie available. The movie’s tentative released day is June 16th for DVD.

At the beginning of the long road to space exploration, NASA pushes to build a real elevator between Earth and outer space. A team of aerospace scientists and technologists responded by creating the strongest rope in the world. Stretching between the balance of their personal and work lives, this team still must push forward beyond rockets and hold the world of space travel on a string.”

The trailer is available at their website (shown above) and also on YouTube:



There are scene snippets from both the 2006 and 2007 Space Elevator Games in this trailer.  Visit the website for more information about this documentary including how to purchase it.

3 thoughts on “The Mighty Tether

  1. Steel

    Thanks Ted!!

    I hope everyone gets a chance to check it out, as it is the Space Elevator’s first full feature film!! Oh, and it is really fun to watch too!!


  2. Reason

    I’d suggest a couple of possible taglines for the movie: “On a string and a prayer,” or “The future of mankind hangs by a tether.”

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