News from the Queen’s Space Engineering Team

On the Queen’s Space Engineering Team website, Progress and Updates tab, we learn that:

“Parts have been ordered and we expect to be starting on the construction as they arrive.

We will keep you posted on developments and news and contacting you as construction begins so we can build our climber!”

Always nice to see progress.

And, a nice article about the team appeared in one of their local press outlets (the Kingston-Whig Standard).  It says, in part:

NASA underwrites the international competition, which will be held this fall under the auspices of the Spaceward Foundation, in hopes that competitors will be able to solve these problems, said Anna Wu, one of the members of the Queen’s Space Engineering Team.

‘We’re really excited to be taking part in this,’ she said, noting the team of engineering and other science students – which bills itself as the most advanced competitive engineering team at Queen’s – has been working on its prototype for two years.”

The entire article is a worthwhile read…