The Space Elevator and Our Future

On July 20, 2007, Bryan Laubscher gave a talk about the Space Elevator at Microsoft.  It has just (I think) been posted on the web.  You can access it here.

This is an hour and 23 minute presentation, exploring the concepts, history, potential uses and current status of the Space Elevator development.

If anyone is looking for a primer (or refresher) about the Space Elevator and its benefits to humanity, this is the video to watch.

(Pictures are screenshots of the presentation.  Click on them for a larger version)

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  1. yakov

    Check URL:
    Here is a very interesting link out of the University of London concerning strength of CNT. The article says that researchers there have succeeded in making a CNT composite with other nanotube materials or some other materials with a strength of the resulting material approximating its theoretical maximum strength. This is the first time that they have done thie anywhere in the world.

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