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Back in January of 2007, the Discovery Channel Series 2057 aired an episode which used a Space Elevator as a backdrop.  I wrote about it here.

I bring this up again because I’ve found that Dr. Michio Kaku’s website has now linked to a YouTube video containing a portion of this show, the portion where he is speaking, of course 🙂

I looked up Dr. Kaku in Wikipedia (sorry, Dr. Edwards) and the guy has a MOST impressive resume.

(Picture from Cosmos Magazine – you should read the article in this picture link – it is quite interesting)

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  2. John Orr

    How long before weather control? I see millions of sensors over the face of the earth reporting data to super computers which will control space bound umbrellas blocking the sun light from reaching the earths surface. Am I alone??????

  3. R.S. Ruse

    Dear Dr Kaku
    I hope you have time to consider a theory I’ve had on my mind for years.
    All theories about time Begin with a Big Bang. My theory is about what caused that Big Bang.
    Dr Sagan touched on the immensity, and special understanding one must have when dealing with Infinity, and Eternity in his historic presentation “COSEMOSE”.
    All I ask is for just a few moments consider the possibilities of immense Black Holes, Larger than several galaxies floating around in the immensity of space sucking up everything that gets within there gravitational reach, something big enough to consume a whole local group in one big gulp!
    Now consider two of these Monsters getting close enough that their gravitational force begins moving them toward each other.
    Giving the distance that they would have to travel, there combined speed at time of impact could be well above light speed. The resulting collision (I would think) should be enough to re organize matter at a molecular level would it not?
    I only ask that you consider this wild idea, and if possible run it through a computer simulation and see what happens.

    Yours Hopefully
    R.S. Ruse

  4. Miguel Debia

    Estimado Dr. Kaku :
    Desearía poder trasmitirle una línea de pensamiento original respecto al universo,la materia oscuro, energía oscura.
    Si fuera posible intercambiar en un ida y vuelta las objeciones o posibilidades de trabajar en ese sentido, intentar su validación a través de formulaciones matemáticas, o simulaciones en el ordenador.
    Muy atentamente
    dr. M. Debia

  5. JD

    Thank You Dr Kaku & all the professors and the behind the scenes hardworking/talented staff members. I am sure I am one of many who appreciate the minddboggling education delivered directly to my living room. Also, thank you for allowing novices such as myself to throw new theories into the mix or collection. My theory addresses why the unverse accelerates as it expands. To make it brief I refer to it as a Siphoning Sphere. The difference between an explosion and a siphoning is only a perspective. If we drink a cup of water through a straw we siphon the water. If we could take the water from the cup and place it in a pure vacume, a pure nothingness, where only internal pressure existed the water would form an expanding bubble. Would the water be exploding or be siphoned? Not siphoned from one point but from every point, engulfed in a siphoning sphere. If we could drop a string of lights into a blackhole the line would stretch, the lights would move at different speeds (& if light could ecape they would give off different red shifts) because the lights are being siphoned not launched. If we look at the force behind the big bang as pulling/ripping force rather than a pushing force it would explain the outer acceleration. Thank You Your Fan JD

  6. Randall Lutz

    The space elevator concept cannot work as advertised. Angular speed is not the same as linear speed. A satellite in geostationary orbit is NOT stationary. It is only in angular sync with Earth’s rotation. An object lifted into space with a space elevator must, not only be elevated to geosychronous orbital altitude, but it must also be accelerated to geosychronous orbital speed. While the elevation part of the formula may require only minimal energy using a space elevator, the acceleration part of the formula still requires a massive amount of energy input. I’ve seen nothing yet in any space elevator design concept that plans for this requirement. Did I miss something?

  7. Terry Wright

    I just watched you and others on “Science Channel” discussing Parallel Universes for the 5th time and I finally grasped it. I now have questions that I think will actually help us discover answers or at least bring up some interesting topics. Here’s one: Are supermassive black holes gateways to or exits from our Membrane in M theory to another membrane or the space between membranes, and is the matter being eaten by blackhole’s escaping into another universe creating another big bang elsewhere? Is a supermassive black hole the place from which matter comes? Do black holes break matter back down into it’s simplist form so it can become hydrogen gas again in a new universe? I have a ton of questions now and wonder if there is anywhere I can go to discuss these questions and spur conversation and discovery? I really need some sort of answer to this, please.

  8. Rob Loughridge

    In the WSJ article on water on the moon you state that the south pole of the moon is the coldest place in the entire solar system. Intuitively I would have thought of a more distant planet from the Sun, or some if its moons: Neptune or Uranus perhaps.

    Why is my intuition so wrong?

  9. bETH

    What is ‘ nothing ‘ , The vacuum of space? I don’t understand ‘ nothing ‘ . Big bang ok. but, is nothing a whole new playground or am i simply stuck on a thought.




  11. Nishant gupta

    Just want 2 say, if u cudn’t predict theory of everything,dn’t lose heart, i m gonna do that! Whether u able 2 do it or not, this world wil see theory of everything within 21st century

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