Globus Cassus – Earth 2.0

There are interesting and wonderful possible applications for a Space Elevator and then there are ideas which just don’t seem to rise even to the level of fantasy.

From the article: “…a brave new world could be built from the remains of our current one. The circumference of this construction– dubbed Globus Cassus, or ‘hollow sphere’ in Latin– would be comparable to the giant planet Saturn. During the multi-million year assembly period, massive hoses would worm deep into the Earth’s fiery bowels and suck liquid metal and magma into orbit through four space elevators sited at equal distances around the equator. This material would be squirted out and transformed into a lattice framework to support the rest of the edifice. As the Earth gradually shrivels and shrinks under this onslaught, its gravity would weaken. Over generations, the skies would darken with the relentless encroachment of the enormous structure above.”

Even though the author (yes, you can buy a book about this) seems serious, I’d put this one down in the “you must be joking” category.

The drawing is from the “Damn Interesting” website, the website where I found this article on (click on it for a slightly larger version).  I highly recommend “Damn Interesting”, it truly has some very interesting articles on all sorts of strange things…

4 thoughts on “Globus Cassus – Earth 2.0

  1. Artikeldatabase

    Nice website.. Damn interesting 😉 I don’t know if I dare to use a “space-elevator” hehe.. I’m a little afraid of hights! Oh well – it would be a once-in-a-life-chance..


    Nice site you got, but as artikeldatabase says i too don’t think that i would dare to use a space elevator, i’m not afraid of height. but.. to space? i think i would get pretty scared!

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