Interview with KC Space Pirates Brian Turner now online

As I wrote a few days ago, Brian Turner, the Captain and Fearless Leader of the Kansas City Space Pirates, was going to be interviewed on Zookers Radio.

This interview is now online and can be accessed here.  The actual interview runs from about 13:15 to 47:06 of the entire broadcast so you can just skip to that point if you want.

The most interesting quote from Brian (IMHO) was in regards to how fragile the Solar cells they are working with are: “The Solar Cells we’re using are more fragile than a saltine cracker.”  Perhaps he used that analogy because of their motif; they ARE the Kansas City Space Pirates and Brian IS the captain and ALL Pirate Captains have a Parrot on their shoulder and everyone associates the phrase “Polly want a cracker?” with Pirates… 🙂

It’s a pretty thorough interview and Brian acquits himself well…