Twenty-three teams now registered for the 2007 Space Elevator Games

With the addition of returning veterans of the 2006 Space Elevator Games, Snowstar, the teams competing in this year’s Games has increased to twenty-three; two of them competing in the Tether event and twenty-one of them competing in the Climber/Power Beaming event.

Of the twenty-one teams competing in the Climber/Power Beaming event, eighteen are in the “main” event, the one where prize money will be handed out, while the other three will be competing in the “Limited” event.

A firm date and venue have not yet been announced, but this should be happening soon.  In the meantime, we observers can just peruse the team websites (a list of them is on this blog’s sidebar as well as the Elevator2010 team page) and impatiently wait.  If you look, you’ll note that several of the team entries have been removed; the list has been pared down to those who have fully paid their entrance fees.  Many of the teams have their own web sites set up and they are great fun to poke around in.  You can access their websites from either their link on the sidebar of this blog or from the Elevator2010 team page.