2 thoughts on “Top of the Elevator

  1. zechariah murphy

    im not sure where exactly to leave my comment, but i saw the add for the space elevator and was wondering if it was an actual contest. the whole concept i believe is amazing, but its help me think of a concept i’ve thought of for some time now. now im not a very good scientist but if this is an actual topic then i think i have an idea. i think of lighting, and how the possitive and negative forces working with one another it creates energy. so take the charge of whatever’s below you and develop a material that can dictate when it becomes magnetized. desighn it to becomed oppositely charge of whats below it and it will push. imagine a material below a sow called “space elevator” the could becom oppositely charged from the ground and in stead of being propelled into space, be pushed. and by being able to dictate when the material be somed oppositely charged you can dictate when you speed up and also slow down…. but then image a space craft that was constructed entirely out of this material.. if it does indeed work

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