New Space Elevator Book released

Peter and Cathy Swan have just released a new book which should be of great interest to the Space Elevator community.  It’s entitled “Space Elevator Systems Architecture” and should satisfy the “geekiness” in all of us hard-core SE aficiandos…

A description of the book, from Peter and Cathy;

“Space Elevator Systems Architecture gives a new look at a futuristic SPACE ELEVATOR project from a Systems Architecture perspective.  This system of systems is a … “revolutionary way of getting from Earth into space, a ribbon with one end attached to Earth on a floating platform located at the equator and the other end in space beyond geosynchronous orbit.  A Space Elevator will ferry satellites, spaceships, and pieces of space stations into space using electric lifts clamped to the ribbon, serving as a means for commerce, scientific advancement, and exploration.”  The purpose of this book is to make the Space Elevator’s arena a little easier to understand, through the use of Space Systems Architecture; and, is directed toward decision makers, engineering managers, regulators, financiers, engineers, and technicians.  This book lays out the initial “top level” view of a Space Elevator through a Space Systems Architecture approach for space mega-projects in both an academic and a practical manner illustrating steps, tradeoffs, and complexities.”

Once I’ve read this book, I’ll be posting a review of it.  Get your copy from today!

(Click on the picture of the book’s cover to see a larger version)

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