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I’ve added the capability for readers of this blog to be able to directly subscribe to the LiftPort Newsletters.  If you scroll down and look on the sidebar, you’ll see it, after the various link categories.

LiftPort is making a major push to increase their Newsletter subscription and asked if I would help – I’m very happy to do so.

So, if you want to be able to get the news from LiftPort “hot off the presses” without having to wait for me to mention it out on this blog, I highly recommend that you sign up.  I’m hopeful of many good things coming from LiftPort in the near future and you’ll be among the first to hear it them if you subscribe.

1 thought on “LiftPort Newsletters

  1. kenny kemp


    My book Destination Space (Virgin Book) is out in the US in a few weeks. I hope you enjoy it. It touches on space elevators – something I knew nothing about until I started writing about space tourism. I think it’s a fantastic idea and I wish all those geniuses involved the best of luck. It’s almost too amazing to think about but I’m sure that human ingenuity will solve this counter-intuitive feat.
    All the best to everyone in New Mexico and Mojave who helped me with my book.
    Kenny Kemp

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