Reminder – Space Elevator show to air on Discovery Channel on Sunday

As posted earlier, the new Discovery Channel series, 2057, will debut this Sunday, January 28th.  In it’s The World show, scheduled to air at 10:00pm eastern/pacific, there will be a segment devoted to the development of a Space Elevator.

The website is here.  I’d previously posted about this show here (this post also contains a link to a trailer for the show) and here.

This show will re-air on Sunday, January 29th at 02:00am eastern/pacific and Saturday, February 3rd at 04:00pm eastern/pacific (note that the February 3rd time may be am – I think they made a mistake on their website).  In any event, please, as they say, check your local listings.

Dr. Brad Edwards said that they did a nice job on this show, so I’m sure it will be worth watching.