Discovery Channel Space Elevator show trailer now available

Customer Service at the Discovery Channel seems to be akin to that of Yahoo and some other large organizations – non-existent.  They have not replied to repeated emails from me requesting information on their upcoming Space Elevator show.  However, browsing their website this evening, I found this trailer (which is quite cool) and a notice that the show will air as part of their 2057 series (as Dr. Edwards informed me) at 10:00pm.  I have no idea if that is Eastern time or whatever, but check your local listings for Sunday evening and I’m sure you’ll find it.  If/when I find more information on this show, I will post it.

One of the most interesting things on the video, IMHO, is in the very beginning when they show the earth-base.  There are 3 national flags shown on the launching platform, the flags of the USA, the European Union and China, with the Chinese flag taking center stage.  I doubt if this was a political statement by the creators, but is interesting nonetheless…

Update – the link I gave seems to work only sporadically.  If you go here, you will get to the Discovery Channel Beyond Home Page.  From there, click on the tab on the right – Video Search.  Enter “Space Elevator” (no quotes).  The trailer will be the first item shown.  You can click on the “Play clip” option and it should work for you…

5 thoughts on “Discovery Channel Space Elevator show trailer now available

  1. ben jarrell

    I saw an ad for the 2057 program and noticed some familiar SE footage. I’m looking forward to it.

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  3. Darnell Clayton

    Looking forward to it!

    From the previews the show seems to be mostly about Dr. Edwards research, via Black Line Ascension (is it me, or does that sound like a cool media production company?)

    Looking forward to watching it (if I can catch it) and hearing what the SE Pope (Edwards) has to say regarding this.

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