Teams from Iran, Ukraine, Japan, Germany, Canada and the USA file to participate in the 2007 Space Elevator Games

At the Elevator2010 team page, one can see that nineteen teams have filed to compete in this year’s Space Elevator Games.   Most fascinating, to me anyway, are the entries from Iran, the Ukraine and Japan as this is the first year teams from these countries intend to compete.  There are also three teams from Germany who have filed; the rest are from Canada and the USA.

Seventeen of the teams have filed for the Climber competition with the other two filing intent to participate in the Tether competition.

All of this filing is, of course, before the February 1st deadline – the date when money is due.  When that date arrives, we’ll probably start losing some of these teams; separating the “ascenders from the pretenders” as it were…

Nevertheless, even if some of these teams drop out, I think it is encouraging to see how widely the idea of a Space Elevator and the interest in the Space Elevator Games has spread – it is truly becoming international.  My only disappointment is that we’ve seen nothing yet from “down under” – where are the teams from Perth who want to eventually build one of these in their ocean front property?

4 thoughts on “Teams from Iran, Ukraine, Japan, Germany, Canada and the USA file to participate in the 2007 Space Elevator Games

  1. R Bakowski

    Feb 1st is only the deadline for the “discounted” entry fee.

    If some teams need more time to confirm the viability of their entries, then they still have 2 more deadlines — they’ll just have to pay more.

  2. Darnell Clayton

    Now that makes six countries represented in the SE olympics. I wonder how the Iranians will be able to enter the US (given the current situation with the Middle East and all).

    I know most of them are friendly (and really cool) although I hope we are not involved in a serious planet threatening war by the time these games begin.

  3. Wesley Parish

    I see this as a sign of great hope. The more countries that see a major part of their technological future in co-operative competition with each other to get into space, the volatile and competitive and less risky and threatening it becomes.

    It’s also a sign that Iran sees itself as rightfully involved in developing high tech and space industries; also it gives them a stake in keeping their competition/s peaceful and non-distructive.

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