More Space-Elevator themed videos on YouTube

Three new videos of possible interest to Space Elevator enthusiasts have been posted on YouTube.

The USST qualifying run at this year’s Space Elevator Games.  It’s a longer version than the one I had posted earlier.

A promo for LiftPort – pretty cool in my opinion.  For some reason it makes me think of Fantasia.

A trailer for a new movie, PX.  It’s a bit cheesy, IMHO…

1 thought on “More Space-Elevator themed videos on YouTube

  1. Michael Laine

    i had no idea that that logo video was out there… a student contacted me a while ago, about it, seeking permission to use it as a class project. i said yes, then forgot about it… and now, i was very surprised and pleased with the result. thats what happens when you apply the ‘stone soup’ philosophy to building an elevator to space. it takes on a life of its own. take care. mjl

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