Day 2 (Part 10) !

Actually, TurboCrawler made the next attempt and they, too, succeeded in getting all the way to the top.  Their time was 3 minutes and 27 seconds.

So, now we have four teams that have made it all the way to the top; University of Michigan’s MClimber (who was first – 6 minutes and 40 seconds), USST (who have been the fastest so far (58 seconds), LiteWon (2 minutes and 20 seconds on their second attempt) and now TurboCrawler (3 minutes and 27 seconds).

UBC-Snowstar is next up…

6 thoughts on “Day 2 (Part 10) !

  1. Max-Born-Berufskolleg

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch für den sehr guten gelungenen Versuch.
    Wir drücken die Daumen und freuen uns mit Euch!
    Das Kollegium, die Schulleitung und die Schüler des Max-Born-Berufskolleg in Recklinghausen / Germany.

  2. Max-Born-College

    You´re great. Good luck for the next attempt. We are with you.
    May the best team win …
    Greetings to all from OPI

  3. Max-Born-College

    Greetings to the german Turbo-Crawler-Team.
    You have done a good job. May the best team win.
    Best wishes from OPI

  4. Familie Hansen

    Hallo Lutz,
    dir und deinem Team herzliche Glückwünsche zu dem erfolgreichen Aufstieg.

    Bis bald
    Jochen und Andrea mit Jonas, Mathis und Hannah

  5. Paul DellaPepa

    Has anyone discussed using spider silk as the space elevator ribbon? its probably easier to make than the over-hyped nanotubes. Go Deutschland! Win Win Win

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