A new look!

I haven’t updated the “look-and-feel” of this website in, well, forever.  I’m a guy who always recommends to my friends that they keep their software up-to-date, but I guess I’m also like the carpenter and his own home…

Anyway, we’re now on WordPress 4.0, the current version, and have a new theme for the site.  I tried many of the ones out there (both free and for-fee), but wound up using the 2012 theme packaged with WordPress.  Clean, simple, neat, just the way I like it.  And the masthead, designed by Susan Seichrist, which looked really great with the old site theme, looks absolutely awesome (IMHO) with this new site theme (Thanks again Susan!).  The old site was a bit too condensed and this one is much more ‘airy’, maybe even too much.  I might be slightly modifying some of the .css over the next few weeks as I get more used to this new theme.  Or maybe not 🙂

I still have a few minor tweaks to do; conference pictures from this year are not yet appearing (those pesky spaces in file names) and several posts can now be made to ‘look better’ with the new theme.

Anyway, hope you like it – and now back to posting – I have a lot of new items for everyone!

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