Mechanic Panic

A new game, Mechanic Panic, has been issued for Apple platforms (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) with the Space Elevator as a backdrop and, guess, what, the Space Elevator gets destroyed – how original!  From the game description:

“A catastrophic explosion has rocked the world’s first Space Elevator. Thankfully you’re on the job! As the fearless mechanic, jump as high as you can to save all the people in peril. The environment around you is crumbling. Beware of the many hazards that will come crashing down.”

For a limited time, the game is free, so if you’re a fan of the Space Elevator and an Apple aficionado, head on over to the iTunes link to download it.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke once famously said that the Space Elevator would be built “50 years after people stopped laughing about it.”  Perhaps a more modern take on this is that a Space Elevator will be built “20 years after people stop joking about it crashing”…

2 thoughts on “Mechanic Panic

  1. dmal

    The Mechanic Panic game has thespace elevator as a gigantic shaft with elevator cabs flying up and down, and everything colliding and exploding in wonderful graphics. The main character/player is leaping back and forth from wall to wall of the inside of the gigantic shaft.

    It looks really fun!

    “Any publicity is good publicity!”

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