3rd JpSEC conference – JpSEC ’10

And, no sooner than we have wrapped up the Fourth EuroSpaceward conference than it’s time to remind people about the upcoming Japan Space Elevator Conference (JpSEC ’10) to be held next weekend (December 11th and 12th).

I would love to go, but the conference will be all in Japanese and my knowledge of that language is limited to a few uncomplimentary words and phrases I’ve heard from my (Japanese) wife…

The Director of the Japan Space Elevator Association, Mr. Hideyuki Natsume, has sent me an updated flyer of the conference – you can access it here (.doc format / .pdf format).  All of it looks very interesting, but the presentation I would like to hear above all is Dr. Yoku Inoue’s discussion of Progress in constructing Lightweight, High-Strength carbon nanotubes.  Dr. Inoue is from Shizuoka university – a CNT tether from them was the only entry in the 2009 Strong Tether Challenge.  I’m surprised they did not return for the 2010 competition and can only hope we see an entry from them for the 2011 competition.

I’m sure this will be a very successful conference and I hope to be able to report on some of the presentations which were made there.

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