A Japanese space elevator

At the 2008 Space Elevator Conference, a large contingent arrived from Japan (I blogged about this here).  One of the many items they brought and showed was a video/cartoon that had been created by some organization in Japan.  I think they also brought this video to the 2007 Space Elevator games held near Salt Lake City in Utah.  I have tried to get permission to show this in the US, but so far without success

However, I did just find a website that is advertising this movie and, if you’re in Japan, you can go see it.  The website is very cool, is bi-lingual (to flip it into English, just click on the ‘English’ button in the upper, right-hand corner of the webpage), and has a trailer of the movie.

Check out the Trailer and, as they have a contact form on their website, I will attempt to use this avenue to get permission to show this here in the US ?

6 thoughts on “A Japanese space elevator

  1. Ted Semon Post author

    Hah – you’re right! Looks like I found the site just in time. I wonder if they’ll respond to my request about playing the video in the US…

  2. Rick Dagless MD

    It seems that the film is called Space Elevator – Future Dreamed by Scientists. It appears to have played last year in a cinema at Miraikan, a science museum in Tokyo.

    You may be able to track down the film by contacting the museum staff.

  3. Rick Dagless MD

    I tried linking to Miraikan’s website from my post but your spam filter seems to bounce all messages with embedded links or URLs. They’re easy enough to find with Google, in any case.

  4. Eugene Schlusser

    Got onto the site after a couple of tries. Some interesting visuals in the trailer. Would love to see the whole thing.

  5. Ted Semon Post author

    Despite repeated attempts, we still don’t have permission to rebroadcast this animation. It’s a shame because it’s really well done.

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