Lego Space Elevator climbers

There are several videos on YouTube of toy Space Elevator climbers made out of Legos – here are a few of them:




I believe that in an earlier post I had mentioned it was now actually possible to purchase a Space Elevator Lego Kit in Japan.  I wanted to see if I could get some information on them (and, perhaps have ISEC purchase a few so we could sponsor our own Lego competition), but I’ve had no luck.  The Lego corporations in various countries don’t seem to talk to each other and certainly aren’t interested in sharing information with anyone.  If someone who reads Japanese can visit the Japanese Lego site and find an email address for me to contact, I would be most grateful.

I think this catches us up on YouTube videos.  Tomorrow onto something else…

1 thought on “Lego Space Elevator climbers

  1. Ulrich Wisser

    Read the latest BrickJournal (issue 18). It has a report on Lego Space Elevator competitions in Japan. Even building instructions for a simple climber. And there is a link to a Japanese site selling Lego Space Elevator kits (the site is Japanese only).

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