New USST Video on YouTube

Anne-Marie Cey, the Communications and and Public Relations Strategist for the University of Saskatchewan (home of the USST team), sent me an email to let me know that a new video, touting the USST team, has been posted on YouTube.  I watched it – it’s pretty neat and am including it in this post.

The video was created by a Saskatoon based company, Juxtapose Productions.  Thanks for the tip Anne-Marie!



With all due respect to Mark Boots, who is quoted as saying that the chief advantage of the Space Elevator is that it “…would make access to space way more inexpensive and way more affordable…“, I believe that the chief advantage is that a Space Elevator is scalable.  You can build one that can lift many tons to space EVERY DAY.  This is the way that you colonize space – having a carbon railway to the stars.

Anyway, enjoy the video – I certainly did!