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So, based on the ‘discovery’ I made several days ago (i.e., putting in translations of the phrase ‘space elevator’ into the YouTube Search engine and coming up with interesting stuff), I decided to see what I could find in some other languages.

First of all, in Russian (??????????? ????)


This is pretty recent (August, 2009) and the beginning kind of reminds me of the Space Elevator toy that the Japanese Team (E-T-C) brought to the 2007 Games:


I would have liked the Russian video better had it been accompanied by some Russian heavy metal, or maybe someone like the Leningrad Cowboys…


Hmmm, no other worthy Russian Space Elevator videos.  Let’s try French (Ascenseur Spatial).  Nothing much there either.  Ok, Spanish (Ascensor Espacial).  Geez, nothing new there either.  Dutch?  Nope.  German?  No, just the one I posted plus some old Turbo-Crawler videos.  Swedish?  No.  Hindi?  No.  Finnish?  No…

Sigh.  Come on you non-USA types.  Let’s get creative!

1 thought on “More YouTube videos

  1. Dushko Basheski

    I symaptyse your theory about space elevator. But I am on my way of forming Macedonian team about Space Elevator with totaly dferen concept for Race. We will be in contact in the futre.
    Sincerly Yours,
    Dushko Basheski
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    ?? ?????,
    ????? ???????

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