“Dynon Avionics Stabilizes a Space Elevator”

One of the many challenges in the Climber / Power-Beaming event of the Space Elevator Games is keeping the helicopter that holds up the steel cable raceway in the proper position.  Keith Mackey, the aviation consultant that Ben hired to assist in all-matters related to the aircraft had devised a GPS-based system to be used by the helicopter pilot for this purpose.  Sadly, the original pilot hired by Spaceward proved unwilling to use this system and this contributed greatly to the failure of the initial testing.

On a more happy note, the pilot now contracted by Spaceward was ready and willing to use this system and it has proved to be a great success, as noted on the post at the Space Elevator Games website.

The equipment that is performing this very necessary task has been provided by the Dynon Avionics Corporation and they now have a post about it on their company blog – it makes for very interesting reading.

Thanks Dynon!