Climber / Power-Beaming competition delayed

Last week, I posted a story about how a component of the ‘cable assembly’ system pulled apart and aborted a portion of the testing for the Climber / Power-Beaming competition of the Space Elevator Games.  This issue has caused a delay in the scheduling of this Competition.  We at Spaceward (I say “we” because, in addition to maintaining this blog, I’m also a volunteer with Spaceward) are working with the people at NASA-Dryden to address this issue.

It’s difficult to say how long this delay will be, but it’s safe to say that the competition is postponed until at least September, perhaps October.  Stay tuned to this blog or the official website of the Space Elevator Games for more information.

The other competition in the Space Elevator Games, the Strong Tether Challenge, is going to be held as planned, on Friday, August 14th, at the upcoming Space Elevator Conference.