40th Anniversary of the First Man on the Moon

Forty years ago today, Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on the moon, or indeed on any astronomical body outside the earth.

I remember precisely where I was at that time.  I was at my fiance’s home, watching TV with her and her family.  They had a black and white TV and OK reception – but it was good enough to see everything I wanted to see.

Much has been made lately about the restored footage of the moon landing – but none of that matters to me (though the responsible party, or perhaps I should say irresponsible party at NASA that allowed the original tapes to disappear deserves to have his/her name(s) listed on the all-time Wall of Shame).  I saw it happen when it happened and the magic of the moment has never left me. Near-senior citizen status does have its compensations, I guess.

It’s amazing that this happened 40 years ago.  And no one else has done it, only the United States through its NASA arm.

We’ll be back…