The new pulley

Interrupting my series of “Miscellaneous updates”, I’d like to show you a picture of the new pulley built by NASA.  This will replace the one which failed in the last testing round and will, hopefully, prove to be more than capable of handling the load.

The next round of testing starts, in earnest, next Tuesday.  Some of us are in California already while others (including myself) will shortly be on the way.

This coming week should be a lot of fun.  Stay tuned to this blog or the official website of the Space Elevator Games or Twitter to keep up to date.

(Click on the picture thumbnail to see a larger version)

3 thoughts on “The new pulley

  1. Alex

    Hello, I am just a college student. But I am very insterested in the Space Eleavtor development.
    I have one question that still is not understand and find the answer.

    How the elevator pass through if the sun is in the middle between Earth and other planet(like Mars?). because you know sometimes Mars is on the other side of the solar s just behind the sun

    I hope I can get the answer here, Thank you so much!!

  2. Alex

    because you know sometimes Mars is on the other side of the solar system and just behind the sun

  3. Ted Semon Post author

    I don’t understand the question. The elevator is a structure which is attached to earth and extends outward from it about 60,000 miles. The location of the Sun and Mars have nothing to do with it – they are many, many millions miles away.

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