The human side of the Games

Yes the technology is way cool – we’re going to watch Climbers powered by class-4 lasers ascend  a kilometer long steel cable, at 5 meters/second no less, held aloft by a helicopter.  All of this will happen at the NASA Dryden Research Center located at Edwards Air Force base – and then there is the small matter of the $2Million prize purse too…  Who could view all of this and not be awed by the work and technology that has gone into making this happen?

It takes people to make this all happen and documenting the work, the planning, the disappointments and frustrations, the success stories and all the other human effects and emotions incumbent in these Games is the job of the Chicago video production company Bitter Jester Creative, Inc.

I’ve blogged about these guys before, but think it’s time to mention them again.  At the Games Official Website, Ben has a fine post about the people and the project at Bitter Jester.

They’re such perfectionists – I remember at the last Games they spent so much time setting up the ‘perfect shot’ for the Space Elevator Toy that the Japanese team (E-T-C) brought with them – and it will probably only get a few seconds in the final production (if it’s there at all).  They take this same attitude towards everything they’ve been doing.

I can’t wait to see the final project – it should be most cool.  The trailer, below, they did for the Games this year is some of the best advertising we have for it – and they treated it almost as a throwaway.



They’re working on several other very cool and inspiring projects too – check out their website and look for them at the Games – they’re everywhere!