The Space Elevator Wiki

The International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) has a new partner; the Space Elevator Wiki

In July of 2008, shortly after the Space Elevator conference in Redmond, former Microsoft programmer Keith Curtis created this Wiki.

This wiki is intended to be a repository of information and a baseline for research of the space elevator.

With the formation of ISEC and a new emphasis on coordinated research into all aspects of developing a Space Elevator, this Wiki promises to be a great tool to move this project forward.  Much/most of the early technical information on this Wiki has been provided by Brad Edwards, but others are now beginning to contribute.  For example, Spaceward‘s CEO Ben Shelef has contributed his Solar Power presentation.  In addition, NASA veteran Dave Lang has been uploading his research into issues surrounding the actual deployment of a Space Elevator Ribbon.  More topics will be added/updated in the near future.

Keith also has his own blog and in its most recent post, guest author Dave Lang (see how nicely this all ties together? 🙂 ) laments about the current state of affairs at NASA and why (in his opinion) things are the way they are there.  His writeup is a more detailed explanation than the one I heard; “The Germans are dead and that’s all she wrote”…

Finally, Keith is also an author and his book “Software Wars” is available for hard-cover or download purchase.  I just downloaded this a few days ago and am now in the process of converting it so I can read it on my Kindle (you don’t have to do that, of course, but I’m quickly getting addicted to my new ebook reader).  Purchase details for Keith’s book are available on his website.

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