News & Photos from the Japan Space Elevator conference (JpSEC2008)

On the Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA) website, they’ve posted photos from the recently held conference.  In this post, I’m showing Akira Tsuchida, one of the conference organizers and head of the E-T-C Climber / Power-Beaming team, giving the presentation for the Spaceward organization.

Akira sent me these brief notes on the conference:

“Over 200 people in the audience and 18 speakers.  Over 100 items for usage of SE including cute illustration.  10 high (and junior high) schools entered the Space Elevator Lego model race.  The Ambassador of Bahrain also joined.

We held the CNT filament seminar on Nov. 14 (Fri) and 20 industries; Sumitomo, Toray, Toyobo, Toyota, etc joined.  They were surprised that Cambridge and MIT’s teams were doing such a great job.”

Click on the picture for a larger version or, better yet, visit the JSEA website to see all of the photos that were taken.

And, I’ve heard from Stephen Steiner, the Space Elevator Blog ‘guest correspondant’ who promises me that he will have an additional report or two from the conference in the very near future.

3 thoughts on “News & Photos from the Japan Space Elevator conference (JpSEC2008)

  1. Nitin Sapovadiya

    I got one concept to build space elevator and the 3D video you can watch at

    As per video there is a big chain of objects orbiting earth at lower orbiting level, theory is the objects at lower orbiting level to earth orbiting very fast and the speed is 1-8km/sec, and the chain of object also orbiting at the same speed.

    At the present world decided to build space elevator on the concept that one big object tie to earth surface , so as earth’s surface move around the earth so the object also move around the globe with more speed than it’s surface so the cable between earth and object get tension and through that we can climb space

    The cable should be long enough around 100000km but the problem is any existed element may not able to take its own weight of the cable 100000km long.

    It all concepts is great but there are a limit, so I have designed new concept of space elevator which can be made with low budget because we may use steel as a cable which chipper than carbon nanotube cable and we can produce it in plenty of amount easily.

    My concept is there is a big chain of objects orbiting earth at lower orbiting level, theory is the objects at lower orbiting level to earth orbiting very fast and the speed is 1-8km/sec,and the chain of object also orbiting at the same speed, now we use the speed which can help to escape from gravity, you must be know that the bullet fired from the gun go straight steel it’s speed of 1-2km/sec remain in it, gravity don’t work on it at the speed.

    As I mentioned there will be ring around the globe and orbiting at the speed 1-8km/sec,what we will do is we will attach another cable to that ring, so second cable also orbiting fast first end of cable will be attached to ring and at second end of the cable we attach to one plane which control cable, it bring the second end of flying cable at the surface of earth to the sky with a heavy speed but for some of second at the navigation period the plane which control cable slow down by parachute and try to attach another space craft by navigation system

    Plane will attach space crafts in seconds and space crafts will get speed of 1-8km/sec in seconds so we will reach to space in couple of minutes and we will be orbiting earth later with ring.

    Advantages : as I mentioned we attach second cable to orbiting ring the cable which hanging in earth’s atmosphere also get the speed of 1-8km /sec, so the cable will be free from gravity so the cable can take it’s own weight what ever it long, so we can use steel or any other cheap element.

    If we put better cable, we can take more heavy things and payloads to the space very fast.

    We can hang more cables to the ring after distance to distance (at the particular time one cable would be flying on India than on middle east than one on Africa and than one on Atlantic ocean and one on America and etc. and make the transportation very fast with heavy objects abilities.

  2. Bert Murray

    The orbiting ring idea was originally proposed by Paul Birch in the 1980’s. It is a way to build a space elevator with materials available today. The reels of cable could be shot into space using a space launch gun similar to the system that was being developed by the Harp project in the 60’s.The cable then could be reeled out at a space station in LEO

    Orbiting Rings

    Space Gun (Harp Project)

  3. Danlo

    Why not just wheel a long rope with a small compartment in the end up and down like a bucket on a rope down and up a whell?

    Then it wont have to be attached to something.. just attached to the space-station.. Simple and genius.

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