What’s new at the Space Elevator Reference?

If you visit the original Space Elevator site, you’ll see that it’s author, Marc Boucher, has succeeded in the upgrade that he has been working on for some time.  On Marc’s Nano2Sol website, he talks about the tools he has used to accomplish this upgrade and what benefits they can offer:

“For some time now SpaceRef has wanted to create an online collaborative service for the space community. It took some time though to try and find the right platform that would allow us to provide the community with the appropriate tools so they could in turn create rich interactive collaborate services.

I’m happy to say that we’ve now launched our new service called ColabSpace under our brand OnOrbit.

The goal of the service is to provide the tools that will allow users to effectively collaborate on a project increasing  productivity so that any given project moves ahead in a timely manner to conclusion.

For the platform we decided to use Deki, a social enterprise collaborative platform from MindTouch.

We’re already using the service ourselves for the Space Elevator Reference were we’ve launched an Open Wiki and are working towards launching a Developers Wiki.”

If you own/author a ‘space-related’ site, you might want to check out the tools that ColabSpace can offer you.